25.10.2012 Insomnia Festival, Tromsų, Norway
Bookings: contact tommi (at) kitkaliitto.com!


21.10.2012 - Kitkaliitto - The Ferry Song
"Kitkaliitto came out yesterday with beautiful new experimental glitchy beat softness called The Ferry Song. Prepare for electric journey accompanied with sweet catchy guitars." - Pole 2 Pole

25.05.2012 - Kitkaliitto - Rixdorf
We're happy to release a new deep and organic track Rixdorf with Homemade Records. It's available on HM014 - Three Cities EP.

Listen to it on SoundCloud and purchase the EP on Bandcamp

01.04.2012 - David Bowie - Space Oddity (Kitkaliitto Remix)
Huge news! We finished a space lounge remix of David Bowie's classic song Space Oddity.

Listen to it on SoundCloud and download the track (MP3, 320kbps)

27.03.2012 - Twin Suns video

We are happy to announce a new video for Kitkaliitto by Terhi Marttila and Mika Koponen. They shot a stunningly beautiful video by using a single Nokia cell phone, without adding any post-processing effects!

Guitars are played by Petteri Sariola. Twin Suns will be included on the upcoming album Theory of Everything.

27.03.2012 - Laboratory opens up

Tommi's blog and portfolio about his media art experiments is now open.

16.01.2012 - New MIDI controller in works!

More information on the controller will be released later. There will be a debut performance with this device in the Tromsų Kunstforening (Norway) gallery on Friday 20th of January at 9pm.

Pfft.. There's also an album in works as well :)

09.11.2011 - Come Wander With Me Remix
We remixed Anneke Van Giersbergen's track "Come Wander With Me" last Summer and now it's finally out on Natura Sonoris release called Balance 19 The Single Collection Volume 2. The remix is deep and layered with hints of Finnish exoticism and melancholia and features additional guitar and bass played by Petteri Sariola.

As a small trivia the original song is composed by Jeff Alexander and sung by Bonnie Beecher.

Agua de Annique - Come Wander With Me video on YouTube
Original song performed by Bonnie Beecher
Purchase on Beatport
Purchase on Juno

13.07.2011 - Supersonic Soundtrack download (free)
01. SH-09
02. Beyond Quasar (by Bence Tasnadi)
03. Acid 2.0
04. Resurrection State
05. Archaeoceti
06. Switch
07. Exit Star

24.06.2011 - Balance 19
Henry Saiz created the latest compilation of the Balance Series, Balance 19. All we can say is that his work on the compilation is truly spectacular. We are truly honored to have a new Kitkaliitto track featured on the first CD of the compilation. The track is called Letting Go and the version you hear on the compilation is "Henry Saiz Rnb Added Version". Now we're currently working on few remixes to be released on Henry's Natura Sonoris label, so stay tuned!

Henry Saiz website
Balance website
Natura Sonoris on MySpace
Balance 19 CD on Amazon
Balance 19 Digital on iTunes

15.05.2011 - Supersonic hits App Store
Few months ago we were asked to do a retro arcade influenced soundtrack for a new Finnish mobile game called Supersonic developed by Kuuasema. We said "Sure, why not!" and did 6 supersonic tracks for the game and also included one track from Hungarian composer Bence Tasnadi in the game. We are now happy to announce that the work is finished and the game has already hit the App Store. The official game soundtrack will be available for download very soon. Click the play button on the left to listen to the Supersonic Soundtrack.

Supersonic website
Supersonic on App Store (for iPhone and iPod Touch)
Supersonic HD on App Store (for iPad)
Supersonic music contest on AudioDraft
Bence Tasnadi website

05.03.2011 - Union 81 on Optimistic compilation
Tokyo-based ShapeLessMusic asked us few weeks ago to make a track for their upcoming compilation release. The schedule was tight and we had to make it in just few weeks. We ended up actually recording and finishing this one in just two days. The track melts down 80s retro-futuristic elements to modern house and chill-out.
Union 81 features previously unused trumpet samples by Tom Pavla that were recorded during the Moravia sessions in 2008.

All revenues from the sales are donated to the salvation of Gulf of Mexico.

Purchase on:
iTunes Store

Donate via Red Cross

25.02.2011 - Supersonic soundtrack under works
We are working on a soundtrack for Supersonic, an upcoming tunnel ride game for iPhone, iPad, Palm and Android. The project is pretty much different from what we do usually: It's retro, arcade and fast like the game is! We hope you enjoy the teaser.

The game is being developed and published by Kuuasema. The full game and the soundtrack are unleashed in March. Stay tuned!

Download the teaser

03.02.2011 - Unicorn
We have finished a new demo song. There is more to come in coming months. Please leave us a comment on SoundCloud and tell us what you think of the track or the weather.
15.01.2011 - Remixes for other artists
Here are remixes we did for Nicken and Databoy78. Enjoy!

29.09.2010 - Update Update!
The update frequence has been slow lately. It doesn't mean that we are loitering around. Tommi's currently in San Francisco on a trip and uses this opportunity to record crazy field recordings, meet local artists and learn from them. We are going to concentrate on producing new tracks for the rest of the year so we can't guarantee any gigs at the moment.

You can follow us on Facebook by clicking Like below.

29.09.2010 - Rytmikaravaani live
By the way, here are some tracks we played live @ Rytmikaravaani in August. Enjoy!

21.06.2010 - Helsinki is finally out!
Helsinki is released by Homemade Records in digital WAV and MP3 formats.

It features two new tracks (and two remixes) experimenting with elements of acoustic guitar music, gypsy beats, techno and deep house. The release is concluded by a floor rocking remix of Helsinki by Juno6.

More information

13.06.2010 - Kuudes Linja live

24.04.2010 - New release out by summer
There's a new release in works that is almost finished. We just need one more remix and mastering, and after that it's ready to go! This time it's going to be a digital only release. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we uploaded Themepark 1984 soundtrack to Soundcloud. Give it a listen if you haven't done so yet. You can find the movie makers at infinitehumanstupidity.com.

26.02.2010 - Snowman is coming!
Finally, a new Kitkaliitto song called Snowman is available! It's a story about Wellington the snowman that takes you on a ride to the Winter Wonderland.

Listen on Soundcloud
Download Snowman
Download Snowman (Extended Dub)

21.12.2009 - Traveler, Part I (feat. Petteri Sariola) song and remix available
We have an honor to present you a new song called Traveler, Part I that features Petteri Sariola playing some guitar parts. Tommi has also prepared a remix that strikes a slightly different tone and texture on the song.

Listen on Soundcloud

Also, be sure to check out Ella. Some smooth and jazzy deep house for your taste.

03.11.2009 - Helsinki (instrumental) song available
We have released a new demo song called Helsinki. This version is an instrumental version and we plan to release a full version later with vocals.

Listen on Soundcloud
Download link

Meanwhile, stay tuned, there is a lot of new material on the pipeline. From weirdo deep house to more rocking stuff.

02.10.2009 - Swamp EP landed in Finland
... and Suomi is in love.

Swamp EP 12" can now be bought from Levykauppa Äx and Stupido for inexpensive 9,90e support price. Get your copy now! The amount of records is _very_ limited.

28.09.2009 - Swamp EP 12" vinyl released by Kann Records
"Let's give Kitkaliitto a warm welcome! Instantly impressed by these guy's music we were - quite unique and not easy to classify. So this is their debut EP - coming straight from Helsinki with love, three tracks and a remix. You can hear influences and samples from deep movie scores, Downtempo, House, even Big Beat always escorted by some factor for self destruction. The remix of Moravia by Sevensol & Bender shoves a rough House skeleton under Tom Pavla's fantastic trumpet Š simple, raw and beautiful." - Kann Records

Buy from distributor's web site (Diamonds and Pearls)
Listen to Swamp EP at Soundcloud


14.09.2012 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Playground, Helsinki, Finland
18.08.2012 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Kesäsiirtola 6 | UG, near Helsinki
16.05.2012 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Vernissa, Vantaa, Finland
26.05.2012 Controller Performance | Raflost Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland
16.05.2012 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Vernissa, Vantaa, Finland
20.01.2012 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Tromsų Kunstforening, Tromsų, Norway
26.11.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE | CTRL+ALT+DEL 3 Years | Lahti
25.11.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Sidetrax | Bar Isoroba 10, Helsinki
15.10.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Kotibileet, UG | Helsinki
23.09.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE with Sysinä Ryhmä | Lavaklubi, Kansallisteatteri | Helsinki
11.09.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE with Sysinä Ryhmä | Lavaklubi, Kansallisteatteri | Helsinki
10.09.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE with Sysinä Ryhmä | Lavaklubi, Kansallisteatteri | Helsinki
09.09.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE with Sysinä Ryhmä | Lavaklubi, Kansallisteatteri | Helsinki
04.06.2011 Kitkaliitto Techno LIVE | Underground | Helsinki region
25.03.2011 Kitkaliitto LIVE | CTRL + ALT + DEL | Ravintola Tirra, Lahti
03.12.2010 Super Alias LIVE | Xmas mayhem | Oubs, Espoo
10.10.2010 Tommi's Live Set | Burning Man Decompression | San Francisco
27.09.2010 Tommi's DJ & Korg DS-10 Set | Private event | Mars Bar, San Francisco
07.08.2010 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Rytmikaravaani | Alppipuisto, Helsinki
31.07.2010 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Homemade label night | ZMF, Berlin
11.06.2010 Kitkaliitto | Private event | Hub Helsinki, Helsinki
05.06.2010 Kitkaliitto | EH6 | Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
22.05.2010 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Kallio Kukkii | Harjun Nuorisotalo, Helsinki
27.12.2009 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Elitserien | UG, Near Helsinki
04.12.2009 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Goa | Playground, Helsinki
14.11.2009 Tommi/w Trash Disco LIVE | E16V | Oubs, Espoo
28.09.2009 Kitkaliitto DJ-set | INDWT Funeral Party | Nude, Helsinki
23.09.2009 Kitkaliitto LIVE | In New DJ's We Trust | Nude, Helsinki
23.08.2009 Super Alias LIVE | Kesäsiirtola 3 | UG, near Helsinki
22.08.2009 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Kesäsiirtola 3 | UG, near Helsinki
10.07.2009 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Structura Permacultura | Playground, Helsinki
06.06.2009 Super Alias LIVE | Reclaim The Streets | Helsinki
11.04.2009 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Vainot | UG, Espoo
12.02.2009 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Themepark 1984 Premiere | Oubs, Espoo
01.11.2008 Kitkaliitto LIVE | E15V | UG, Helsinki
19.09.2008 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Musta Aukko | UG, Espoo
23.08.2008 Super Alias LIVE | Force Majeure | UG, Helsinki
26.04.2008 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Yönäytös | Kino Tapiola, Espoo
11.04.2008 Kitkaliitto DJ-set | Entropy club | King Kong Balls, Helsinki
06.03.2008 Kitkaliitto LIVE | Goa | Rose Garden, Helsinki


Kitkaliitto is a collaborative band of 3 friends from Helsinki to flesh out their ideas in music and visual arts since 2005. Kitkaliitto is Tommi Koskinen, Niko Ryytty and Juha Hilpas. They started by creating soundtracks for theatre performances and osbcure avant garde films but eventually ended up going towards the world of experimental house and techno music in late 2009 with their debut EP "Swamp" released by Leipzig based Kann Records. Since then they have been experimenting on the borderline of acoustic and electronic music of all sorts. They are currently working on their first album (working title "Theory of Everything") that will be released by Henry Saiz's label Natura Sonoris later this year. They've remixed artists such as Anneke Van Giersbergen, Liz Cirelli, Jesse Somfay, Databoy 78 and created a soundtrack for the mobile game Supersonic that has been downloaded over one million times.

Kitkaliitto gets their influence from every day life, their underground studio, visual arts, technical cadgets and widgets, b-class Hollywood movies, collecting not so useful items, occultism, nuns, sunscreen and Bikini Bandits. If someone would list fraction of their musical influences, it would include at least Arvo Pärt, Amon Tobin, Burial, Charlie Parker, Coil, Edith Piaf, Electric Wizard, Ella Fitzgerald, Erik Truffaz Quartet, Isis, Justice, The Knife, NIN, Mr. Scruff, Tool, Trentemoller and Venetian Snares.


  • Kitkaliitto - Supersonic Soundtrack (Free Digital Download)
  • Kitkaliitto - Union 81 (Digital Download)
  • HM005 - Kitkaliitto - Helsinki (Digital Download)
  • KANN04 - Kitkaliitto - Swamp EP (Vinyl, Digital Download)
  • Kitkaliitto - Themepark 1984 Soundtrack (Free Digital Download)


  • Balance 19: Henry Saiz (Balance Music)
  • Summer Ceremony 2011 (NS025 - Natura Sonoris)
  • Balance 19 The Single Collection Volume 2 (NS027 - Natura Sonoris)


    Kitkaliitto on Soundcloud
    Kitkaliitto on YouTube



    Not updated anymore:
    Mikseri.net (in Finnish)


    Henry Saiz
    Kann Records
    Homemade Records
    Trio DStruction
    Petteri Sariola
    Entropy Ry


    E-mail: tommi (at) kitkaliitto.com